Seamless Evestrough

Why should you hire us to install your seamless evestrough?

  • Our seamless 5-inch eavestroughs are machined on site, thus avoiding the risk of breaking and scratching during shipping.
  • We use a quality hanger with a large deep screw that will not come loose from the wood fascia.
  • Installed with hangers, our eavestroughs can be affixed to any type of roof or building structure.
  • Our extensive knowledge of the industry and leading edge technology will make your installation superior in quality and appearance.
  • We offer in a wide range of colors to suit any application.

At Ontario exterior solutions we take great pride and care in all of our seamless evestrough installations.   Each eavestrough installation begins with a conscientious inspection of the eavestroughs, fascia boards and soffits. This is done so there are no surprises during the installation process.

What gauge aluminum should you use?

There are 3 thicknesses of aluminium that are used for eavestrough:

1. .0235 gauge is most commonly used as it has the widest colour selection and can hold up to most residential applications. It is available in about 35 different colours from our supplier (Gentek, Boncor, or Kaycan)

2. .027 gauge is slightly thicker than the .023 and is available only by a few suppliers in very few colours.

3. 0.32 of an inch which is the thickest aluminium that our machines can form. We provide this only for 6 inch eavestrough and is not necessary for 5″ eavestrough.

The most common gauge we use is the .0235 gauge for 5″ eavestrough.  It is plenty thick enough to handle heave snow loads. We use only the thicker gauges upon request. In reality, with any one of these thicknesses, your eavestroughs will only be as strong as the distance of spacing between your brackets.

Once we had to replace eavestroughs for a customer that were not very old but they were badly dented and sagging.  When we got up to take a look, their brackets were spaced about 3-4 feet apart.  That is just too far!  Brackets should be no further than 18″ apart.

For more information about our Seamless Evestrough installations please give us a call or simply click the “FREE ESTIMATE” button.

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