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If you are thinking about outfitting your deck. terrace. or patio with lovely outdoor furnishings, you can't do any better than wood pieces so long as they are correctly treated to endure the outside elements. Wood outdoor furniture is a wonderful accessory for to your backyard landscaping plan, with lots of distinctive pieces like benches, picnic tables, lounge chairs, porch swings, garden gliders, and tree benches. Since wood can be stained or painted according to your tastes and whims, it has an advantage over furniture manufactured out of polyresin, plastic, steel, and aluminum. Among the varieties of wooden furniture pieces that can be acquired for the backyard are oak, redwood, cedar, teak, birch, and eucalyptus, all of which have their own distinctive charm. Renown for it's durability, oak is one of the most long-lasting and beautiful types of wooden furniture, a best-seller both outside and inside a home. Cedar is a very desirable material for exterior wooden furniture due to the fact that cedar is widely valued as an insect repellent. The most beautiful of all wooden outdoor furniture pieces may well be redwood, especially the expensive old-growth redwood products manufactured in the 1950s. One type of wooden furniture you must be particularly careful with is called "seamless" wood, which is constructed in a manner that easily warps when it is left outside.

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Picnic tables for the home

Is there anything more appetizing than a meal dished up in in the backyard on a wood picnic table in the fresh air? You will shop among a great assortment of wood picnic tables and even more options for finishes, paints, stains and sealers. Picnic tables are available in lots of different types of wood such as popular ones like cedar, pine and redwood Avoid older wood picnic tables which could have been treated with a now-banned pesticide that left arsenic in the wood, an obvious risk to your health. When you encounter space limitations for your table it is probably a good idea to get round or hexagonal tables instead of rectangular ones. The finish on the table is also quite crucial because it needs to endure all weather conditions. A coat of lacquer is suggested for wood in order to resist moisture and maintain the fresh appeal of the table. If you buy an unfinished table and apply all the finish yourself you can get the exact look you want and save money to boot.

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