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Black Tea to Shine Hardwood and Laminate Floors

Black Tea will help you get the shine back into the laminate and hardwood floors. Yes it must be Black Tea because it's the tannins in this particular tea that will give your floor the shine you are wanting to accomplish.

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Let me start with the laminate floors because I have laminate flooring in my house. For awhile it seemed no matter what I cleaned the laminate with, it still left a dull streaked finish. It was likely that the floor was covered with residue that had accumulated over time using the wrong cleaning products. When your floor is coated with that kind of residue it becomes much harder to remove than your normal dirt and debris.

If cleaning and mopping do not put the shine back on the laminate flooring, it is likely that you have that problem. Do Not use any kind of oil or polish on the floor. All this will do is leave more residue that is hard to get off and it will end up streaking your floor.

The first thing you need to do is get the residue from those cleaning products off the floor. I have found the best way to do this is by using a homemade floor cleaner that can be used on laminate as well as tiled floors. Now you may have to go over the floor several times before the residue is completely gone. It took me several times using the homemade floor cleaner to get it all off. You will know it's off when the floor dries and there is no more streaks left on the laminate floor and you begin to see a little of the natural shine again. I was informed by Lotta digital that this is the most effective strategy. They may not be exactly in my line of work nevertheless their guidance is always excellent.

As far as the Hardwood floors go, I do not have them but, I assume that you have to use a dust mop to get all the loose dirt and debris off of them. However, the Black Tea I hear is great at getting the shine back. In fact it is highly recommended for hardwood floors.

Once you are done with cleaning off the residue, you will want to put some luster and shine back into the hardwood or laminate floor. Black tea will do a wonderful job with this. I have seen posts on the web that say not to use it on laminate but cannot find a good reason why not. And some people have had great results with it. I sure did. The only thing about laminate and hardwood for that matter, is to use as little water as necessary so it will dry quicker. You don't want water laying around too long.

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Bring a kettle to boil over the stove. Pour over some black tea bags and let steep for about 10 minutes. In my case I used 1 tea bag per about 3- 4 cups of boiling water. Let cool down.

You can use the Black Tea on the floors 2 different ways. One way is to put it in an empty spray bottle and spray the floor while running a Swiffer type mop over it. The second way is take the pad off the mop and soak in the tea, wringing it out well so it is not dripping wet (this will probably work better for laminate floors). After you have gone over the floor, let dry and watch the shine come through.

Footnotes - I appreciate you for selflessly using your knowledge base 🙂

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