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Toronto painters have been around since 1979 and have done all kinds of work in the painting industry. This company started off painting apartments and apartment buildings. Apartments and apartment buildings have lost repairs to do on them and they get older. As they get older they require lots of times wall repairs for various reasons, somebody damaged the wall either intentionally or unintentionally. Something leaked from above causing damages. Someone graffiti the walls in some way. Back awhile ago when it was more common people did a lot of smoking in their apartments and this caused a lot of smoke damage from buildup of nicotine on the walls and ceilings. A friend of mine who owns a remarkable craft company with heart purchased a house one time and ended up having to get the whole place painted because it was covered in nicotine stains.

This is where we acquired our experiences with handling these kind of situations. For example: when people we're doing a lot of frying and grease stains got on the ceiling around the stove you can't just paint over top of that grease first you have to clean it, I found that if I just simply use dishwashing detergent I just clean it off before I would paint it. Sometimes the graffiti on the walls weren't put on very carefully and would leave heavy brush marks from the perpetrator. Sometimes this graffiti was so difficult to sand off you would have to plaster over top of the graffiti to make the walls nice and smooth again.

Sometimes the tenants would leave holes in the walls the size of baseballs from doorknobs etc. Sometimes they would leave a lot of holes on the walls from the things they hung on the walls and this really would leave the mess sometimes. and you would have to know how to plaster all these holes to make the wall look good again and not all kinds of lumps and bumps on it.

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Sometimes the tenant painted the walls and since he was a such a bad painter he did a bad brushing job at the ceiling making it look ugly at the ceiling. since it wasn't in our job outline to paint the ceiling we went after over cuts to wall paint onto the ceiling evenly all way around regular uniform and cover whatever color the wall was before. This way if the wall is one color and we're painting another color you can have two colors are wall because that looks bad so instead we just over cut the ceiling provided that the ceiling wasn't painted heavily into.

Sometimes we would have to paint the cupboards in the apartment. We discovered that a small roller was the solution to painting inside cupboards. You would first paint the cupboards inside with the roller, let it dry completely, and then use a brush to hit any places that the roller couldn't get at. This method saves a lot of time because you are not wasting time on speculating what you think the roller might not be able to cover. I was informed by a contact from Canadian Recycled Glass that this is the most suitable solution. They're not exactly in my line of work however their advice is usually great.

Another very similar situation is the closets some clauses are very small and tight. But they still have the same amount of corners and edges as does a regular room. Again what I do I remove what I can in a closet, like shelf, coat hanger rod, hooks. when I've all these things removed, again I just roll the walls first and what of every left over I brush it in.

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