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Every marketer knows they want something to give to their down line or sales teamto get them up and running. The problem is that the duplicatable 'system' your company is teaching you is DECADES OLD. The days of hounding your friends and family and talking to strangers at the mall are GONE.

As marketers we all know this, so we start searching for a system that works. The Internet offers so many so called "plug-in and go" programs with capture pages and a few marketing tips that anyone can use. While any person can duplicate these programs, they rarely offer ongoing training and tips. I often wonder why still the failure rate is so damn high?

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Network Marketing is a Relationship business. The goal is to build sustaining residual income or in the case of a Direct Sales model, build both high upfront profits as well as residual income. The only way to do this is by having a strong team. The "duplication" that is so highly regarded comes from a number of thingsteaching, mentoring, and fostering your team. If you have a strong relationship with your team they will respect you and the process you use to build your business. When you spend time personally teaching them, they will stay plugged in and "duplicate" your process and will help build the strongteam you are seeking. The #1 thing you have to do as the Leader is BRING VALUE!PERIOD!

If you are new and you feel you don't have a ton of value to give yet, that is fine, then at least try to find where you can get value and then share that with your own personal teamthey will respect you that much more. I have often heard a statistic that you have about 90 days to put money in a new team members pocket to get them to stick around and keep working the business. I am on the fence as to how I feel about thatas yes you want to get your new team members in profit mode as quick as possibleI also ask myself this question -If someone is truly dead serious about a real business for themselves, are they ONLY going to give it 3 months and quit?

The sad thing is that happens very often in this Industry, I don't know many people who would buy a franchise or buy a restaurant or a buy any other brick and mortar business and ONLY give it 3 monthsHell, most franchises you are not even breaking even for the first 2 yearsafter your initial investment.It also cracks me up that people will go to work 50 hours a week making somebody else rich but will only give a home business 3 months and quit! (when it's their Own business) off track there a littleLOL

Point is, if you are looking to succeed in the Internet Marketing / Network Marketing / Home Business Industry, you will want to find a business that does have some sort of a system in place that not only you can plug into and have success but the people you are bringing into the business can plug into as well. To keep people around and on your teamprovide value, help them, coach them and mentor them the best you possibly can and get some money in their pocket as fast as possible.

When it comes to duplication find a business or company that has some sort of business model that people can followsomething that is not Rocket Science eitheras in this day and agepeople are looking for something that is simple and that's a Fact!

The definition of Duplication to me means that others can come into my business and do exactly as I do follow our business model, plug into the training from me and the company and have the potential of notonly having the same success as I have had but also the chance to out perform me! Thatis greatseeing people actually come into the business and excel in such a way they actually produce results some months better than you!

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