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Jobs Not Cuts Rally Today!

Two days after residents of New Yorks 18thCongressional District voted Rep. Nan Hayworth out of office and in anticipation of a looming fiscal cliff facing the federal government, Mid-Hudson Valley residents and voters will call on Rep. Hayworth to heed the will of the voters by supporting infrastructure investments and the creation of jobs to avoid cuts to vital services in the upcoming lame duck Congress at Jobs Not Cuts rally in Newburgh at noon.

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Activists will present a pledge for Hayworth demanding that she focus on creating jobs rather than cutting vital services when she gets back to Washington.

The election in NY-18 and nationally was a repudiation of the Republican Youre On Your Own philosophy that gutting vital services and providing tax breaks for the wealthy will create jobs and fix the economy. With that in mind, Congress must take steps to get the economy moving again during the lame duck session.

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