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A Municipal School District would not be run by the City

A Municipal School District would not be run by the City. It would be a public school district like any other, with a Board or Trustees (probably volunteer) entrusted with management, and public funding as with any other district. The difference would be that our district would encompass only Rossland. Our research has focused on looking at examples from the US and Canada to see how they might apply to our own unique situation.

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Although this task force was unable to succeed in getting the Minister to consider using Rossland as a pilot case for a municipal school district during the election, well resume contact with the Ministry in June, and will try to schedule a time this summer for several members of the Task Force to visit the Ministers office and make our pitch.

The Public K-12 Task Force is an NOL working group focused on having K-12 in Rossland within the public system, but outside of SD20. Rosslanders have made it very clear that the working relationship with SD20 has never been satisfactory, and they'd much rather the community controlled it's own school(s). The community would also prefer to keep K-12 within the public system. There are a few ways we could possibly do this, but none of the options are short-term. The task force will be working toward these goals for at least two, if not five or more years.

The options currently being looked at are the creation of municipal school district, redrawing the district boundaries or forming a charter school.

A municipal district would be a Rossland-only school district, but still part of the public system. This does not mean it would be run by the City of Rossland just that it would be our own small school district, with our own board. There are currently no municipal school districts in BC, but they are common in the USA. We have discussed to possibility of this option with the Deputy Minister, and while he feels it isn't impossible, it would require creation of new legal framework within the province, and would need at least two years to be put into place.

School district boundaries could be redrawn to have us become a part of the Boundary or Kootenay Lake school district. Both SD20 and the new district would have to agree to the change.

Charter schools are public schools that have a greater degree of autonomy than a normal public school, to allow them to offer programs that are significantly different from regular public schools. Alberta is currently the only province to have them. We would lobby the ministry to consider the creation of charter schools in BC.

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