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74 Days without a kitchen and we made it!!!

74 Days without a kitchen and we made it!!! I don't think I need to blog about the details and stress about gutting your kitchen in the middle of life. pretty sure I'll leave this one to your imagination. You can just picture your life without a kitchen, construction, and small children

But, it was SO worth the wait and the effort! No more hot pots, griddles, George Foreman, fridge in the dining room, toaster oven, waffle iron, or any other wedding gift we got 10 years ago! I have REAL LIVE appliances. And it is a happy day.

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We think it turned out pretty great!! Praise the Lord!

Obviously, a lot more pictures to follow, but here is where we are! (We have a lot of small finishing details to do. trim, crown molding, toe kicks, cabinet hardware, ect. but here it is!)

We also we're able to finish on budget. Kitchen was $7,000 which brings the entire renovation to a total of $15. We we're able to refinish the bathroom high end, create a mud room, foyer, and finish a huge addition that was built and make it a great living space. We have some small outdoor projects left. We plan on renovating the master bath maybe in 6 months and doing it for $1,500. We are also enclosing an office soon for probably a couple hundred dollars.

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Footnotes - Once more, i appreciate you for giving the pictures.

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