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I'm going to open this informative article by recommending cougarstone lawn care. I had been speaking to Michael over there a few days ago and I was impressed by the level of service. If you ever find yourself needing a marvelous Calgary based snow removal service contact them. They're a great bunch to work with.

When looking at the blank space in my backyard I first imagined colorful bunting strung in the trees to brighten it up.

So that's where I decided to start. The lanterns, seating, and flowers can be the next step. To make my bunting I pulled together my supplies (scrapbook paper, laminating sheets, ruler, paper-cutter, string, pen, and scissors) then got to work. I only had to buy laminating sheets and string so this was a cheap project for me.

All of my paper was 12X12 so I decided my goal would be to cut 6 large triangles and in an effort to use all the paper I saved the small triangles. I measured the 3X3 triangles and cut them out with my paper-cutter.

After all my paper was cut and organized I moved on to the next step of laminating. I want to hang this outside long-term so lamination is pretty important.

Laminating was so simple! Peel, stick, and cut out the shapes.

The last step is to punch holes in the corners to string it up.

Butters was very helpful with the string.

Once all my little flags we're strung up I ran outside to hang it up thereby "cuting" up the house!

At first I thought it might look too "kid's party." But after a few days I realized how much I enjoyed the bright colors against my plain white house.

I'm so happy with this first step! It may look boring and plain right now but, to me, it's a cute part of the exciting start to a fun backyard. I can't wait for it to get even cuter. Beautiful lanterns and a lovely seating area will definitely perfect the space.

What does your outdoor room look like? Big or small? Beautiful or need a sprucing up? This sweet little projects costs very little and certainly adds whimsy to my space.

One further thing before I go. Credit for this article goes toward pce solutions. They're a good Calgary based managed IT service based in Alberta. The concept for this post came to me while talking to Peter over there. One thing led to another and we wound up discussing the subject in more detail. Anyway, check the website out at That's all for now!

Footnotes - We appreciate you for selflessly giving your skillsets. - Thank you for the critique! I am just the most terrible speller 🙂

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