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5 Home Staging Musts

Every real estate agent will agree that staging your home to sell is very important. As buyers are looking around for their new home, they want to picture a clean spacious home that is move-in ready.

But what does staging your home actually mean? Does it mean that you have to hire a staging designer?

Check out this list of 5 great staging ideas. Your buyers may thank you and you are more likely to get more for your property.

1 Create more space: unless they're downsizing, generally speaking most people are looking to buy a new home because they want more space. This makes creating more space in your home so important. Reduce the amount of clutter in every room. Make sure each bedroom has a bed, dresser, and nightstand and that's it. Try removing 2/3 of the books from the shelves and downsizing furniture if necessary. Open space is the key.

2. Get rid of smells : bad smells will turn anyone away from a beautiful house. If you have pets or places with strong odors consider having a cleaning service scrub walls and floors. Replace carpets if necessary because buyers will notice odors immediately.

3. Colors : colors are polarizing. While many people like colorful rooms, when they're looking at homes the goal is to create the perfect atmosphere. All major living spaces should flow in a neutral pallet. Bright paints not only are strong personal preferences but can be time consuming to cover with paint and many buyers don't want to spend time and resources to do that.

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4. Take care of small details: things like squeaky doors and grinding drawers. If one or two cabinets squeak buyers may think there are other small things that need fixing. Walk through the entire house with your realtor and try ever door, window, or floor. Dusty ceiling fans and air vents could also use some cleaning.

5. Curb appeal : with all the inside things to take care of don't forget the outside. It will be the first thing buyers see when they pull up to your home. This could be in updating fixtures like mailbox, lights, and knobs. Refreshing the front door, mowing, and fresh flowers in planters near the door give buyers a sense of care to the property.

The first impression should impress.

So which of these do you think is the most important or which would turn you off from a sell the most?

I do hope you enjoyed reading this. I will mention it was asked for by Jonathan from Printing Peach. always appreciate ideas and opinions.

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