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Welcome To Ontario Exterior Solutions

Windows, Doors, Siding and More

Looking for replacement windows, doors, siding, fascia, gutters?  If  you’re in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville or surrounding areas you’ve come to the right place.  We stand behind the quality our work and we have the references and testimonials to prove it. Just click on the ‘HomeStars‘ icon above to see real verified feedback from our customers!

So if you’re looking for a window and door installation company, don’t just get a great price, get a great price and a job done right!

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We proudly offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship and products!

Only the best windows supplied by HOMETECH windows.

Save Money


Want to save MONEY?  If you want top quality windows, doors, siding, soffit, and facia, PLUS you want to get the best prices, simply give us a call at Ontario Exterior Solutions.

When we visit your home you’ll be greeted by me, Paul Joudrey.  I’m the owner of Ontario Exterior Solutions, and I will personally inspect your home, listen to what you feel your needs and wants are, and provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE on the perfect solution for your home. I save you money by not paying commissions to salespeople who may or may not care as much about you and your home as I do.

If you need windows and doors and your in Hamilton, Oakville or Burlington we promise;

  • We’ll answer our phone when you call!
  • If we’re on another call we’ll respond to your message promptly!
  • We’ll set an appointment at YOUR convenience, and we’ll show up on time!
  • You’ll get top quality windows and doors, expert installation, and fast, friendly service!

At Ontario Exterior Solutions we understand that your time is valuable and so is your hard-earned money. We’ll respect both, and provide you with the most affordable exterior solutions in the Hamilton, Burlington area.

How Can We Help You


Expert door installation for the Hamilton, Burlington Oakville areas.

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Window installation. Very competitively priced and high quality work.

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New siding can make all the difference in the world! Various options and applications.

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Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and Fascia installation repair and replacement. Enhances appearance and reduces maintenance costs.

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Home Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Services

  • Replacement Windows
  • Window Installation
  • Window Replacement
  • Replacement Doors
  • Door Installation (Interior and Exterior)
  • Door Replacement
  • Exterior Siding
  • Sofit
  • Facia
  • Seamless Evestroughs

Want more information?  Please give me a call on my direct line; 905-541-3910.  I look forward to your call.


Paul Joudrey

At Ontario Exterior Solutions we’re proud to provide windows and doors services to Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara, Grimsby, Stoney Creek and surrounding areas.  Please contact us today for your personalized quotation.


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Exactly Why to Consider ontario exterior solutions?

At ontario exterior solutions we do look at becoming a window & door supplier extremely seriously. We know that truly when people are looking to find a top Burlington based window & door installer people want the finest. This is exactly why we do attempt to be truly the best window & door supplier we all can possibly be around Ontario. It is really our determination to really staying the finest that has earned us extremely great honor here with each of our consumers.

Being a top Burlington based window & door installer we all also invariably endeavor to spend some time to unravel each of our clients issues with diligence and with absolutely no impatience. All of us inevitably put in the time. All of us feel that it is really critical to be certain that customers feel truly valued and of course cared for.

Certainly, there really are not an excess of window & door supplier which have the correct knowledge together with experience to market their business as a innovator within their sector. Blend this with our increased degree of client support and truly we feel we are the greatest top Burlington based window & door installer around Ontario.

Ready to get moving?

Everthing starts off with a quick call.

Phone (905)-541-3910.

We are thrilled to go over all your present window & door supplier questions in great detail over the telephone or by using email if perhaps this is preferable for you. Following that we will offer the answer that best satisfies your conditions. Find out the reason people now refer to us as the very best top Burlington based window & door installer!

Continue to Need Enticing? Additional Arguments Why ontario exterior solutions is truly A Window Repair Specialist

Dedication to Elite Excellence - A Hamilton Based Window Supplier and A Hamilton Based Contractor

Our dedication to high-quality is actually particularly significant. If you are endeavoring to become a top Burlington based window & door installer or a top Burlington based window & door installer, there is in fact not one other alternative but to do your level best possible to excel. If any particular client demands additional work, we all afford that particular client more work. Anything to be able to make certain they will be pleased with us all as a window & door supplier. Please remember, we service pretty much all of Ontario, and so feel free to contact us.

Dedication - A Burlington Based Door Supplier and An Oakville Based Windows And Doors Shop

Many clients have occasionally mentioned our services as a top Burlington based window & door installer, a top Burlington based window & door installer, a top Burlington based window & door installer and the leading Ontario situated window & door supplier there is! Honestly that does not occur without amazingly diligent labor along with investment in the all-important consumers and also the top quality inherent in your work. If perhaps you will be shopping around to get a top Burlington based window & door installer, all of us definitely believe that we are honestly the perfect solution. Contact ontario exterior solutions to go over your current requirements now! (905)-541-3910.

Skill - A Hamilton Based Window Repair Service and A Top Burlington Based Window & Door Installer

With any business, skill certainly is a huge ingredient impacting success. If perhaps you're searching for a top Burlington based window & door installer, this can be far more true. As a window & door supplier, we all will show you decisively that the actual end result is actually influenced simply by the practical experience of the provider that you've been contracting. The massive amount of experience that ontario exterior solutions provides in being a top Burlington based window & door installer, is actually just why you actually should believe in us with your invaluable critical needs. If you are searching to get a top Burlington based window & door installer, consider ontario exterior solutions. Certainly speak to all of us today.

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We won't get out-priced. No need to pay high costs because you did not talk with us all. Sure you currently have an incredible rate ? Want to be absolutely utterly confident? Speak with us here. You may just see that we're indeed most suitable company. Countless clientele have .

Deciding on the right window & door supplier to use is a difficult endeavor. Otp for the best evaluation. You ought to meet with us with absolutely no expectations to fully understand if all of us are in fact the right window & door supplier for your requirements.

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